Monday, June 29, 2009


So.. I work a lot. This means not a lot of time to blog. I can hardly find time sleep! But, no complaints. I'm blessed to have both of my jobs.
My summer thus far:
- I did my first run with my Garmin today! It was incredibly awesome and apparently I'm faster than I thought. :)
- I've been going to thrift stores and buying way too many books. Hopefully i'll read them..
- I spent a wonderful three days in Madeline Island with my friends and it was incredibly difficult to come home.
- I just bought an awesome album on itunes and spend my nights searching new music on myspace. It's awesome.
- My hair is getting longer but I can't seem to make it grow any faster despite my efforts.
- The sunrises never disappoint me, so beautiful every morning.
- I'm 21 but I still look like i'm 16.
- I don't remember the last time I turned my tv on.
- 7:00 am is now considered "sleeping in" to me.

I need to travel somewhere soon.. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009