Friday, February 20, 2009

your spirit's water to my soul

"Break my heart from what breaks yours, everything I am for your kingdoms cause. As I go from nothing to eternity"

I've been waiting and praying for God to give me one of those close moments with him, a moment when I can feel him right next to me. That moment happened kind of at an awkward time on Friday but happened nonetheless. :) I was driving to visit my mom and listening to Hosanna by Hillsong on repeat. I was overcome with this intense feeling of happiness as I was worshiping, my cheeks were actually hurting because I was filled with such Joy and could not stop smiling as I was singing. Then I focused really closely on one of the verses I was singing. "everything I am for your kingdoms cause." Everything I am. Everything. My life is dedicated to God. So quickly my smiles turned into sobs. Deep, uncontrollable sobs. How lucky are we that our God is such a loving God. Amazing, amazing love and how cruel are we that we turn out backs to him. Hosanna in the highest is my cry of gratitude to God for rescuing me. My adoration to my awesome, amazing, loving God. I was crying because I just can't fathom his love and I feel so unworthy. After all the smiles and crying I spent the night praising the Lord and reading his word. It was awesome. I love moments like those, God just filled my heart with joy and hope. He fills every void in my heart and I'm so thankful.

I was in kind of a weird mood today. I've just been really emotional the last couple of days and I was letting it get the best of me. As I was worshiping this morning at church I just felt like my heart wasn't into it. I prayed that God would quickly change my attitude and as I finished my prayer the next song that came on was Hosanna. The song that I sang over and over again this weekend and had such a big impact on me. I had been hoping that I would get to sing it today in church and then we did. God answers even little prayer requests like this. :)

I'm off to bed, busy week ahead of me. I'd rather not talk about it. Speaking of bad attitudes, I've got an extremely bad attitude towards school right now. uuggghh.
K now play the video I posted below and pay attention to the lyrics. It's beautiful! HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST.

Mi vida: lucerito sin vela

I love mornings; sitting here in my pajamas, wrapped up in my blanket and drinking my coffee :) For the first two hours of the day I'm free from all the stress. It's just my time, I love it.:)
Yesterday I had kind of a rough day. I had to study all day long for my Spanish test and so the entire day I was thinking in Spanish, listening to Spanish music, and thinking about how much I missed Spain. What it really comes down to is that I hate being settled. I crave adventure, I hate being in this routine. Study, run, class, eat, sleep; it's unbearably boring to me. I want to read the bible on the beach (which i'll be doing in 21 days :)!), take pictures of beautiful things, attend church services in ancient cathedrals (even though i'm not catholic, it's still pretty neat!). I just want to do it all and what's great is that I CAN. I just have to stop and realize that I've made the plans but I just have to wait and enjoy life in the process, which I do but I need to stop reflecting on my past traveling. I want to live in the now!
Last night after my strength class I decided to go for a quick run before CRU. It was so great, I was blaring my music and singing aloud as I was running, haha. "You're the God of this City, You're the King of these people, You're the Lord of this nation..You are There is no one like OUR GOD, Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city!!" So you can only imagine how I looked as I was running. It was dark out, my hands were lifted, and I was singing as I was running. It was fabulous!! Then I went to CRU and it was one of the songs we sang in worship. If you don't know this song, make sure you check it out. God of this city by Chris Tomlin. Who I get to see in concert at the end of MARCH with my mama!! Ahh! March is going to be a good month!:)
No much else going on this morning; I'm about to go to my sociology class, I have a chiropractor appointment, then it's off to Women's retreat for the weekend. I believe the theme is "Under Soul Construction".
Weekend is almost here. :) :) Relief.
(The pictures posted are both from Paris. The first as you can probably tell is me looking up at the Eiffel Tower and the second is Montmartre)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Para mi examen.

Posclásico (650-1519)
Posclásico era la época más militarista e inestable. Muchos de los pueblos del posclásico de la meseta mexicana fueron afectados por invasiones de los chichimecas. Los chichimecas influenciaron la periodo posclásico con sus actos militaristas. Sus esculturas reflejan la importancia que adquirieron en este periodo las actividades militares. Los dioses de este periodo eran Quetzalcoatl (El dios generoso), Tezcatlipoca (el dios agresivas asociado con la noche y la destrucción) y Huitzilopochtli (el sanguinario de los aztecas). Fue un periodo de intensa actividad económica y construcción de grandes centros urbanos. Una invención muy importante era la tortilla de maíz, fue importante porque ayuda la gente con actos militares
Primera civilización de la época posclásico es la civilización de los Toltecas. El capital de los Toltecas era Tula, dominaron una extensa área del norte, del centro de México, y establecieron colonias en lugares tan distantes como Guatemala. La estructure más notable en tula es la pirámide B, la cima representan belicosos guerreros toltecas, este confirmar la imagen militarista que tenemos de esta cultura. Pero, también encuentran ilustres señores de un mítica tierra de abundancias y refinamiento donde habían florecido las artes, la artesanía y la agricultura. Entonces hay dos lados, una cultura refinada y cultura militarista.
Quetzalcóatl era el dios de serpiente emplumada (representado por las plumas de quetzal, un pájaro mesoamericano). Quetzalcóatl era un gran dios de este periodo, era la dios de arte y de agricultura. El príncipe Toplitzin, quien fundó Tula, quiso imponer el culto a Quetzalcóatl entere los toltecas. Se dedica a vivir una vida pacífica de constante meditación, abstinencias y castidad, una vida dedicada a un dios, Quetzalcóatl. La oposición fue los chichimecas que adoraban al dios Tezcatlipoca y era partidarios de los sacrificios humanos. En contraste de Quetzalcóatl que solo exigía flores y mariposas. La leyenda es que Tezcatlipoca se le apareció al príncipe disfrazado como un viejo y lo tentó con un licor. El príncipe sucumbió a la tentación y cayo la desgracia. El abandonó Tula y prometió a regresar algún dia para reclamar su reino.

Friday, February 13, 2009

pace yourself.

I feel like I never know what to write when I start a blog entry. I sit here with the cursor blinking and my mind is blank. What could I possibly have to write about that is worth reading? My days are planned out before my eyes are open in the morning. Class, homework, run. repeat. I decided that instead of writing about the same old schedule, I would write of my plans for the future, or rather goals.
Spring Semester 2009:
Get accepted into the Education Program
- I just turned in my application today, so keep me in your prayers. I've worked really hard thus far in school so hopefully it'll pay off. I'll find out in five weeks!
Big Break 2009- Big break is a one-week mission experience in Panama City Beach, Florida. It's a week spent worshiping God, evangelism, and growing in Christ. It's from March 14th-21st, right now the cost is holding me back a little but I'm going on yet another job search today. God has really put this on my heart and I just want to spread the good news! More info: CLICK HERE!
Fitness Festival Half Marathon:
My beginning of racing season! My first 13.1 mile race. Gearing me up for 26.2. More info:

Summer 2009:
Work, work, work, work-
I'm a small girl with HUGE dreams. Summer is my time to work, to make all my dreams reality. I've recognized this and even though I get crabby and tired, I just remember this opportunities I've created for myself through my work ethic. As weird as it sounds, I get just as excited for this as my adventures. Half the fun is getting there, right?
Grandma's Marathon- My first marathon is June 20th. I'm running this to Worship God, every step of every mile is being run for him. It's one way I can worship Him and thank him. Running is a blessing in my life, It makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. it can cure any bad mood. More info: CLICK HERE!

Spring Semester 2010: No big plans for fall semester next year but i've got BIG plans for Spring 2010 :).
Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina- Studying abroad in Spain was one of the best experiences of my life. I have 14 credits left till my Spanish major is complete so I figure why not finish up those credits in Argentina?! The only way to become fluent is to immerse myself in the language. Plus, it's helps build my resume! I'm sure there will be lots of traveling during this time around South America! More info: Click HERE!
Internship in Lima, Peru- I've found an internship through my school in Lima, Peru which is in South America. Since I'll already be in South America (if I do end up studying abroad) this would be a great opportunity. It's an 11 week teaching experience, very good for the resume!:)

After Graduation I plan to be a language assistant in Sevilla, Spain for 1-2 years. Through this program: CLICK HERE! I'll be teaching English in classrooms and providing private lessons. The perk: Holidays will be spent TRAVELLING around Europe! :)

Who needs the "real world"???

Sunday, February 8, 2009

late night run=racing mind

My roommates and I just went on a run and now I'm certain I won't be sleeping anytime soon cause I have so many thoughts in my head that I just need to get out. Running tends to do this to me. :) I love being a runner. First off, Friday afternoon I went for a 5 mile run and it was gorgeous outside. Absolutely beautiful, it was just me and God. I worshiped him every step I took of every mile. Just singing his praises and taking in the beautiful day. Anyways, my weekend was amazing but at the same time really strange. My mom bought me this book The Divine Revelation of Hell and I read the whole thing this weekend. I did not enjoy one page of it, I was literally scared out of my mind as I was reading it. It actually completely ruined my Saturday, all I could think about was the horrors of Hell and how real it is and how important it is to live a faithful life for God while we are here on earth. God takes the author through hell and tells her to write about all the things she sees. It's a book that I think everyone needs to read but it had a really intense effect on me. It was a gorgeous this weekend but I found myself not being able to go outside because I was so consumed by this book. Even when I wasn't reading about it, I was thinking about it. I was just confused. Sunday morning rolled around and I was so excited to get to church, but even at church I couldn't get my head off this book. So, tonight one of my friends from bible study called and asked if I wanted to go to a worship concert. I really didn't want to go at first but I went and It completely opened my eyes. The worship was amazing, it was so personal and powerful. As I was singing I just felt God's love. God gives us chance after chance to commit our lives to him on this earth. We sin, he forgives. Because he loves us that much. He is filled with so much love and I just want to do good for him. I'm giving my entire life to him, allowing him to work through me in every way possible. I want to praise him everyday, dance for him, run for him, spread his word.. I want the Lord to look down on me and smile. :) :) :)

"My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the son of God who loves me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20

My mom came to visit me this weekend. I had a blast, It's so nice to feel the comfort of your Mom. We went out to dinner, went to a worship concert, shopped around a bit, and just enjoyed each others company. I love her and I'm so lucky to be blessed with such an amazing Mom. My blessings are endless!
"Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth"

edit//8:30 am- I'm about to start my day and i'm praying I make it through. I have an insane amount of homework for tomorrow (two papers, Spanish readings, and study for a quiz) not to mention I'm behind on my readings for today AND I tutor tonight from 2:15-6:30. There really isn't enough time in the day, I really need to organize my life better. I've got a bad case of procrastination. Some good news though, my roommate asked me if I would read the bible with her at night and the other one wants to start going to church. :) Progress. Ok i'm off.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cell phone vs Bible

I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
What if we flipped through it several time a day?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?
What if we used it when we traveled?
What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go ... hmm, where is my Bible?
Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.:):)!

My day yesterday- Woke up at 6 am to start writing a paper due at 8:50, went to class at 8:50 until 3:40(!!) with no break or no lunch. Torture. Came home and tried to take a power nap before strength class and Bible study but the UPS man came exploding into my apartment(while ringing the doorbell) with my new Bible from my mom!! It's awesome. I went to a Bible study last night that my friend goes to and I loved it so much. Everyone was so welcoming and it was just amazing. It's so important that I surround myself with christian friends so I can grow in my faith. At the end we all prayed for each other and my request was that I could communicate better with non-believers in order to show God's love and how absolutely amazing he is. I just pray that the lord will give me me words, I want him to speak through me. I used to be really timid about talking about my faith but now I just feel so.. different. I don't know how to explain it but it's wonderful :) :).
Running has been going good lately, I start my training plan at the end of this month. Until then i'm just going to run whatever I feel like doing. Amy and I ran 5 miles today at an easy pace and we both made some good decisions. For as long as we can remember we haven't been running for ourselves. We run for our coach, our teammates, a medal.. This marathon we are both completely dedicating to God. Going on 15-22 mile runs on Sundays leaves not of time open to just think and talk with each other. It's going to be our own personal time with God. I'm searching for a verse that means a lot to me so on race day I can write it on my arm and have it be a constant reminder to me of why I'm running 26.2 miles.
Some Random things
- If you haven't tried the new International coffee creamers you must! I got hazelnut Biscotti and it's so good that I look forward to waking up early just for that! Ha!
- I'm trying to guilt trip my Mom into visiting me this weekend because I really really really want to see her. :) --Pretty please mom?!?! ;)
- Chris Tomlin's voice is amazing.
- My Spanish teacher is extremely boring. God bless him.
- I drank an insane amount of coffee this morning which lead to me getting dizzy/nausea and taking a two hour nap which consisted of crazy, crazy dreams. Wahoo. Now i've got a one cup limit.
Goodnight all!