Friday, February 13, 2009

pace yourself.

I feel like I never know what to write when I start a blog entry. I sit here with the cursor blinking and my mind is blank. What could I possibly have to write about that is worth reading? My days are planned out before my eyes are open in the morning. Class, homework, run. repeat. I decided that instead of writing about the same old schedule, I would write of my plans for the future, or rather goals.
Spring Semester 2009:
Get accepted into the Education Program
- I just turned in my application today, so keep me in your prayers. I've worked really hard thus far in school so hopefully it'll pay off. I'll find out in five weeks!
Big Break 2009- Big break is a one-week mission experience in Panama City Beach, Florida. It's a week spent worshiping God, evangelism, and growing in Christ. It's from March 14th-21st, right now the cost is holding me back a little but I'm going on yet another job search today. God has really put this on my heart and I just want to spread the good news! More info: CLICK HERE!
Fitness Festival Half Marathon:
My beginning of racing season! My first 13.1 mile race. Gearing me up for 26.2. More info:

Summer 2009:
Work, work, work, work-
I'm a small girl with HUGE dreams. Summer is my time to work, to make all my dreams reality. I've recognized this and even though I get crabby and tired, I just remember this opportunities I've created for myself through my work ethic. As weird as it sounds, I get just as excited for this as my adventures. Half the fun is getting there, right?
Grandma's Marathon- My first marathon is June 20th. I'm running this to Worship God, every step of every mile is being run for him. It's one way I can worship Him and thank him. Running is a blessing in my life, It makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. it can cure any bad mood. More info: CLICK HERE!

Spring Semester 2010: No big plans for fall semester next year but i've got BIG plans for Spring 2010 :).
Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina- Studying abroad in Spain was one of the best experiences of my life. I have 14 credits left till my Spanish major is complete so I figure why not finish up those credits in Argentina?! The only way to become fluent is to immerse myself in the language. Plus, it's helps build my resume! I'm sure there will be lots of traveling during this time around South America! More info: Click HERE!
Internship in Lima, Peru- I've found an internship through my school in Lima, Peru which is in South America. Since I'll already be in South America (if I do end up studying abroad) this would be a great opportunity. It's an 11 week teaching experience, very good for the resume!:)

After Graduation I plan to be a language assistant in Sevilla, Spain for 1-2 years. Through this program: CLICK HERE! I'll be teaching English in classrooms and providing private lessons. The perk: Holidays will be spent TRAVELLING around Europe! :)

Who needs the "real world"???


Banta143 said...

Wow, you are going to be one busy girl! ha.
It all sounds awesome - "Big Break" also sounds like a blast! I never heard of it until today. Have you thought about sending out letters to friends/family about u wanting to go? That helps bring in the funds! :o)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I hope to read more from yours soon! :)

Elicia said...

You have such big plans and it's inspiring.