Thursday, August 20, 2009

back to it.

Summer turned out to be different than I expected. I was excited to run hundreds of miles, bike everywhere, read lots of books, work, and just enjoy my time away from school. It ended up being.. different. Work completely exhausted me, I could only run 20-30 miles per week, I barely biked, I was stressed constantly, and sad the majority of the day. But, things have turned around. I moved in with my sister, my running is getting better, I've started biking again, and enjoying beautiful summertime like it should be enjoyed. There's nothing better than running under the stars on a summer night, sleeping with the window open, picking berries, and spending time with family. So.. what I've learned from this kinda depressing summer. (1) I can't change people, I just gotta be myself and not let anyone get under my skin. (2) Running keeps me sane and I need it in my life. (3) Life is awesome and meant to be enjoyed. I've realized lots of things about myself these past months and I'm so EXCITED to get back to La Crosse and resume my wonderful life there. I've got big plans for myself and i'm pumped for it all to start. I have more to say but I wanna go for my run. It's a beautiful rainy night, I'll try my hardest to update this more often.

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