Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4th, 2009

Now that I'm done (almost) with my crazy, hectic, insanely busy summer of work, I'll hopefully be able to update this blog more often. But I'm not making any promises. So, What's up lately?
- I got a rad vintage camera from my one of the regulars at work. It's an Agfa Ansco from the 70's (pictured above).. I love it! I also got an even older one from an antique store. They fascinate me, I'm gonna try to find some film for the Agfa and develop some pictures myself. How awesome would that be?!
- I'm moved back to La Crosse and I'm loving it. Relaxing days spend laying by the Mississippi, running on the trails, watching the sunset.. ahh, it's good to be back. But sadly I have to go back home and work one more dreadful weekend.
- I'm learning to play guitar, It's a slow process but I'm loving it.
- I re-pierced my nose yesterday :)

- I'm super excited to get back to my normal running routine. I don't feel myself without a week filled with miles!
- That's about it! School starts Tuesday, I've got my books and i'm readddyy! Life's good but it's about to get better. :)

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upnorth said...

I pray that school goes great this year for you! That God becomes a greater force in your life and that you learn to lean on Him completely!! That is my prayer for you, lovey!! Earlene