Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pre-race rambles

Four long days until race day. Preparation begins right now! Increase in calories, drinking lots of water, easy runs, rolling out the knots in my legs, making a 13.1 worthy playlist, and of course... studying. Studying because in between now and my 13 mile jaunt around Minneapolis I have 3 midterms. Nevertheless, I will be taking out some frustration on the course come Saturday morning. But my outlook on this race has completely changed. If you would've asked me 2 weeks ago what my goals were I would've told you every split I wanted to run for every mile. I have a new perspective now, I run because I truly enjoy it. It makes me smile, gives me a break from my day, gives me time to think about things. I was training so hard for this race that I kind of forgot why I love running. I'm racing because I love the running community and I feel so accomplished when i'm done. (..and the race shirts, medals, free stuff and food ;)) So, I've put the my GPS watch away for awhile and i'm just going to run. There's much more beauty and enjoyment in that.

Some random updates:
I love my job at the Chiropractic office. Maybe I'll end up going to Chiropractic school after my under-grad? haa.. Seeing as I LOVE school (notice sarcasm) so much why not go another 3 years! Who knows with me, It's something that i'm really passionate about though. If only schooling wasn't necessary..

I'm so excited to spend this weekend with my Auntie. We'll be sending my little cuz off to the Marines, what a stud!

Shout out to my sister, Kara K-B, who is running her first race this weekend! Yeah Girl!!

I finally got a haircut! First snip in 11 months!

K. That's all. Hopefully soon i'll get some inspiration and write some kind of meaningful post but most likely won't be happening this week.


Jeri said...

Thanks for the comment and link to this blog. I had the new (old, now?) blog in my blog reader and was bummed that nothing new came up. So yay. :) good luck on the 1/2 this weekend!

upnorth said...

I'm so glad you finally changed your outlook! I knew all along you ran because you love it!!! I'm glad you figured it out!!! Great job on the run!! Saw your pics on your mom's blog!! You looked great and Kara, too! See you soon, Earlene