Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's thanksgiving break, I'm home, it's snowing (kinda, a crazy mix between snow & rain..), I'm with the people I love, and tomorrow I get to indulge in two thanksgiving dinners. That's right, TWO! hahaha, which is why I'll be running 10 miles in the morning so I can work up an appetite for all that grub.

I had an awesome night with my sister. We went and picked out her first real Christmas tree. I told her when it's time for me to purchase my first Christmas tree she has to come with me (wherever I may be) to pick it out. New tradition. The remainder of the night was spend dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. She's such a weirdo, but gotta admit the beat is catchy.

It looks as if Christmas threw up all over Spooner (my hometown). Christmas lights are strung on houses and yard decorations are everywhere. And now to add to the holiday spirit it's snowing! Christmas is coming quickly, but first I wanna fully enjoy Turkey Day to it's potential. Giving thanks, eating until I feel sick, napping, and ignoring any thought that has to do with school.

Running wise, I've been taking it real easy. I've only ran 40 miles the past two weeks. My legs were begging for a break and I'm having some foot issues. This week I'm getting back at it. 4 easy miles yesterday, 6-7 today, 10 tomorrow... It'll feel good to get back in the routine, I'm just hoping & praying my bod holds up. Running in pain really sucks the fun out of it.
And with that, I'm going to finish up my chai and take off for the trails.
home sweet home. xox


Jeri said...

Have a great turkey day! Enjoy your holiday runs and foooooooooooood. :)

stephaniemp said...

Okay, I'm reading your blog and thinking "Wow I like her style... it's real chill and comforting" then I get to... "it is like Christmas threw up all over Spooner". bahahaahaa! Said all calm and everything. Needless to say, it was halarious. You are (a good) something else A-dog-ith! keep on truckin (aka running) and blogin (aka bloging bahaha!). See you tomorrow for some coffee and a glorious breakfast meal!