Monday, March 1, 2010

Birkie + running + music = love.

Running is a wonderful, peaceful, beautiful thing. Running is my pick me up, escape, get away, and love. I was reminded just how much I love running this weekend after a 13 miler. Running is one of the simple things in my life. I run while I have amazing conversations with friends. I run while I listen to music. I run while I think about life. I run while I figure out life's setbacks. It's just a simple sport that gives me so much happiness.
This 13 mile run was fueled by an inspirational day spent at the American Birkebeiner . A 50k ski race in Northern Wisconsin filled with 8,600 skiers from all over the world. After watching the skiers finish for a couple hours, my motivation was through the roof. I feel like I'm a pretty active person but really, all I do is run. After watching the Birkie I decided I NEED to try some more endurance sports. Skiing the Birkie is now on my life list; reasons being. 1) It's a Challenge. I've skied only twice in my life, I have no technique but I feel like it's something I'll love. 2) The atmosphere on Birkie weekend in Northern Wisconsin is so wonderful. 3) It'll spice up my winters! Plan is to do the Birkie in 3 years. I need those three years to learn how to ski. hahaha.

This summer instead of just straight running, I'm going to keep my mileage low and add A LOT of biking into my workout schedule. I have a beautiful baby boy named Julius (yes, I name my bikes):

Julius was purchased last summer but got a little neglected over the summer & fall. But, come spring Julius and I are going to spend A LOT of quality time together. I'm even thinking of entering into my first bike race (bike/run). It's the Minneapolis Duathlon on August 29th. And maybe do a couple more bike races in the fall. We shall see.
Bike, Run, Ski.... what else? SWIM. Unfortunately, I cannot swim. But, I need to learn. So this summer I'm dedicating at least 2 days a week to learning to swim. It's about dang time.

Running will always be my first love. But I'm looking forward to mixing it up a little. The snow is melting quickly here in Wisconsin so I might have to push off perfecting my skiing until next year :) But I do plan to rent some skis this weekend and give it a try!
Also, after an amazing 13 mile run this weekend I decided it's time to commit myself to a spring race. I've officially decided on the Fitness Festival Marathon in La Crosse on May 2nd. It's soon, so if I feel like i'm not in the shape I need to be, I'll down grade to the half and plan for Minneapolis Marathon in June. Wrote out my training plan for the next two months today and I'm SO excited to get some 15-20 mile runs in! As you may know, I'm the definition of an injury prone runner so my strategy is to keep the weekly mileage low (35-40) and do a lot of cross training. Whether it be spending quality time with Julius, a hike in Hixon, or swimming.
I'm also changing up my diet (a tad). No more eggs unless I know where it came from! Strictly organic or from local farms. I'll explain why later, that's a post all in itself. Until then, I encourage everyone to check out the documentary Fresh or watch the movie Food Inc. That'll explain it all!
One more thing, I had an AMAZING weekend up North (home) with my friends for Birkie weekend. I'm so blessed to come from such a beautiful area with such beautiful people! I spent my Saturday watching elite skiers, running 13 miles, eating dinner with my girlfriends, and danced the night away listening to my friend's band play at a local bar. It was absolute perfection.

Well, that's all my friends. I'll end with a Jack Johnson quote cause he's simply awesome.
"Slow down everyone, you're moving too fast."
Feel the sunshine on your face, walk slow, and enjoy every single day.


Jeri said...

dang no green bay huh? [sniffles] I love julius. I also named my bike. :p sounds like you have a great plan to stay injury free! now we just need some gorgeous spring weather. :)

Kronlund Family said...

You are going to love skiing! I got some skis last fall, and it's so fun! Good luck with your upcoming races!

Alyssa said...

I'm thinking about running Grandma's Half Marathon.. You should do it too!!!

Rhonda said...

WOW...what a busy girl. I am proud of you and know that you will accomplish all you set out to do. I am excited to maybe do so some biking with you this summer in Spooner:). Love you very much...MOM