Monday, April 13, 2009

endorphins & passion for Christ

After a long run, my endorphins kick in and I am on a complete runners high for a good hour. I get excited, happy, & extremely energetic, it's pretty much amazing. Last night I got that "runners high" feeling for about four hours. It was intense, amazing and not because of running but because of God's extreme love for me. I can feel my heart growing and the passion inside; it's almost overwhelming, in the most wonderful way. I don't know what God has planned for my life & I hate that I don't know, but I can feel God preparing my heart for whatever it is. I'm so excited that my stomach is in knots right now, I woke up this morning and before I could even fully open my eyes my heart & mind were racing. Honestly, my heart feels like it's going to explode. hahaha.. I just want to share this passion with everyone. I want everyone to know the joy Jesus brings to my life, the amazing love he fills my heart with and the blessings he blesses me with every single day. He rescued me from complete emptiness and has restored my life. He has given me a purpose and a happiness that I didn't know was possible. I'm finally at peace with myself, I've surrendered my life to Him and it is so unbelievably sweet. It took me so long to realize that Jesus' blood completely covers my sins. For so long I couldn't let them go because of the guilt that I felt. I was upset at myself for straying away from God, but this Easter as shown me that my sins are forgiven and forgotten. I'm finally looking ahead without dwelling in the past. Jesus has restored my life and healed me in every possible way. I'm making huge steps forward, learning his wisdom, feeling is love and yearning to fulfill his plan for my life. What can be better than His amazing love? Celebrate and worship Him today, because he has saved us, loves us and is coming soon. Hallelujah!!

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Banta143 said...

I'm so glad we know who we are in Christ and that we have purpose!!! Knowing Him really does make life worth living and gives us a reason to get outta bed everyday! :) Such a great post... very encouraging as always!!

(Oh btw!! We are planning to start running soon..We're not the most athletic ppl atm, so wish us luck!!haha)