Sunday, January 25, 2009

Three shots of espresso.

I'm having problems getting used to American coffee. Spaniards know how to start the morning right, a shot of espresso with a little milk on top. Every morning in Granada my friends and I would stop a a cute little café called Aroma y Sabor. We would sip our café con leche and by the time we left we felt like we could conquer the world. We were ready to take on the day with full force. Now, here in sit.. In my cold apartment in Wisconsin drinking my favored water aka coffee. No matter how many scoops of grounds I put in, it still comes out tasting the same. Water. Yesterday I was confused because I thought my coffee machine was broken..but nope, I just need the strong stuff. Jet lag causes me to need the strong stuff bad, therefore I walked to the closest coffee shop and had a cappuccino with three shots of espresso. That caused to me to have a short lived high, then I crashed terribly. Next time, I'll just stick to one. As soon as I find a job I am using my first paycheck to buy an espresso machine. I figure it'll pay off in the long run. So there, now i'm motivated to force myself out of my apartment into the bitter cold and fill out dozens of applications.

I miss my spanish life. The narrow streets, flamenco dancing, siestas, the friendly carefree atmosphere..and, por supuesto the coffee.

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