Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing Julien!

My beautiful new bike! :) His name is Julien because it reminds me of an orange Julius. Ha! So creative.. ;)
I am a very blessed girl! My love my job, my running is going great (half marathon this weekend! woo woo!!), and my Dad and step-mom bought me this wonderful new road bike! I'm so thankful for all the blessings in my life. Julien gets to be in the house but KronStrong..(my other bike) has to stay in the garage.. haha!

I'll still use my other bike for trips to the grocery store or biking to class, it's my new commuter bike! :) This summer has been amazing so far, It's going to be a wonderful 3 months! I'll update soon.


upnorth said...

I love the new bike!!! you go girl! Good luck on Saturday for the run!!! God be with you!!Earlene

Banta143 said...

yeah, I def love the bike! :D That was so nice of ur dad & step mom to bless u w/it!
Have you had the chance to try it out yet??

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's been a while - this is Cait over from Run Like a Kenyan - I'm back in the blog-o-sphere with a new blog now.

I have the same bike as you - well... your now-commuter bike, at least. All I do is ride around town and to class so I'm pretty happy with it's simplicity. But your new bike is awesome! I'm looking forward to hearing all that you do with the new bike this summer. :)

upnorth said...

Happy birthday girl!! Wow, your 21 and beautiful!! Miss seeing you!