Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

School started today. Once again I'm back to the responsibilities and back to living by a schedule. Same thing happens everyday, which is nice I suppose. But in between my two classes today all I could think about is how much I miss traveling already. I miss taking naps in the hammocks in Costa Rica, walking around the islands in Panama, dancing in Spain, swimming in Portugal, riding the metro in London, and laying on the beach in Mexico. I'm completely obsessed with seeing the world; it's not just seeing it but it's the lifestyle. I like not knowing what I'm going to do that day, taking pictures of the beautiful places, writing for hours next to the ocean, just living simple. Now, my life is class and soon (as in 2 months!) I'll be spending my days observing in the classroom and teaching(!!!!) lesson plans. I would much rather spend my time living out of my backpack and not knowing what city i'm going to wake up in next.
I haven't really written much about my travels in Costa Rica and Panama. I have about a half an hour before my next Spanish class so I figured I would try to describe it a little. My words and pictures, however, don't do it justice.

The pace of living is slow and everyone is very relaxed. That is the most important thing I learned while living the Costa Rican life. Majority of Americas live such a fast paced life, all of our heads are spinning and time is our enemy. I really try to not be like that, but now I'm really concentrating on being relaxed.. not get worked up about things and not live by a strict schedule. I'm just going to let things happen and more than likely things will work out. So far, it's going great. As of right now school schedule for this semester is an absolute mess but instead of crying or spending my day worrying about it I'm just doing everything that I can do and waiting for the results. It'll work out, even if it's not actually the outcome I want. Pura vida.
The luxuries that we have in the United States don't exist there. For example: flushing toilet paper, drinking the water or taking a nice long hot shower. At first it was annoying, but then I got to thinking..Why exactly do we need warm showers? Don't get me wrong, I love them. But it just made me realize how spoiled we really are in America and many people don't think twice about it. We've got it pretty good in the US but yet there is still constant complaining. That is why I prefer to get by with less.

A little piece of my personal journal from the trip:
January 9th: Bocas del Toro, Panama
"Had my first experience with walking across a border today. We crossed the bridge to get from Costa Rica to Panama that you literally had to watch your step otherwise you could be stepping to your death (little exaggeration ;)). Once you get to the Panama side you just see the poverty..little boys shining shoes, offering to carry your bags, and houses that are barely above. Once we got to Bocas it was a lot more developed, it's really amazing what tourism can do for a town. Anyway, here I am. New day, new country.. Sitting at Aqua Lounge waiting to lock up our stuff so we can go explore. No rooms available so we'll be roughin' it another night in the hammocks."

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