Friday, January 8, 2010

El viento viene

All the wisdom is in the wind
And the beauty in the clouds.
But eventually the sky goes clear
and the wind isn't always quite this strong.

But here in monteverde, my soul is waking up
so I'm letting things fall where they may.
And I'm filling the clouds with pieces of my heart
and the wind is sending it your way.

So when you open your eyes, open your heart
to that cloud passing by..
Then, listen closely to the wind
as it whispers through the sky.

'Cause lately my words just fail
And my eyes aren't so clear.
But this wind, it'll sting your skin
and explain everything you should hear.



Stephanie Perleberg said...

Alyssa, you should publish your poems. No joke.

I miss you, come home soon.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. I agree, should be published!

BTW, I my blog has a NEW home now. Come check it out!