Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh the places you'll go

The best part of traveling is the wisdom that you gain from the places you go. My mind expands every time I set foot on foreign soil, as I learn the customs from the locals and hear life stories from other travelers. I always come home with a new way of looking at things, a new perspective. For the past 3 weeks I've been traveling in Central America I have discovered so many things about myself, my attitude, and my life that I want/need to change. I have completely fallen in love with the simple way that the Costa Ricans live. They enjoy and preserve their beautiful country, it is true peace. That is what I want to take back with me, living simply and living slowly. They call it "tico time" here, they don't rush do to much of anything here. They savor their moments and I find it absolutely beautiful. If you want a cup of coffee, be prepared to have to wait a couple minutes for it.. and then enjoy every sip slowly. How many times do you pass a Starbucks in America and see people rushing to get their coffees then rushing out the door gulping it down. What happened to enjoying the little things in life?? Why do Americans feel like they have to live in high speed? Costa Rican life lesson number one: Tico time leads to happiness :)

I've spend my time laying on beaches, swinging the night away in hammocks by the ocean, listening to non-stop Bob Marley, hiking through rainforests, swimming through waterfalls, watching sun sets, listening to Spanish, meeting new people, and writing. That, to me, is perfection. I was exploring and learning and I could breathe. Now, I'm home. Back to Wisconsin (which I love) but my mind is already searching for something. It's restless, but when I'm traveling it's quiet. I learn something new every single day, I see the world with a new outlook.
I'm really struggling to put everything into words. My pictures don't do the country justice and my words don't even come close to describing it. The towns are filled with art work, people walk around barefoot, the ocean is the most beautiful shade of blue, the air is fresh and the calmness is unreal. Pura vida, Pure life. You don't see anyone getting worked up about anything, upset, or rude. Cause really what's the point? Why spend life worrying? We just gotta LIVE because life is beautiful and wonderful. Things don't always go the way we plan but we just gotta go with the flow. Pura vida.

So now, here I sit in Wisconsin with the dry air and snow. I see the beauty in this too. :)
Side note: My prayers are with the people of Haiti. Please if possible make a donation to help. Text Haiti to 90999 to give a 10 dollar donation, most of us are able to spare 10 dollars and every little bit will help. What really breaks my heart is that thousands of people are suffering right now and a lot of people aren't even thinking twice about this tragedy. It bothers me an unbelievable amount to think of the people sitting in their fancy houses, spending money on material things, and not caring. America needs a wake up call and I believe it's coming soon.

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