Wednesday, November 12, 2008



I know I have been MIA for awhile, i'll try to get better with the updating! I'm beginning to feel a lot better lately, the only thing mono is effecting is my running. I've been only doing about 3 miles a day but it's tough for me. First off, I get dizzy and extremely sleepy tired. Second, it's really difficult for me to face the fact that 3 miles is going to be difficult for me for awhile since i'm used to running 5-10 miles a day. Regardless, i'm starting week 1 of my marathon training. Amy and I found a training guide online so we're going to follow it. It starts pretty easy so i'm assuming I can handle it. I'm sure i'll be struggling through the next couple weeks but i'll get back to my old self eventually.

I register for my next semester classes next week and it's not looking good. The classes that I need to get into are already filling. If I can't get into my classes i'm pretty much screwed. So, next week i'm sure i'll be stressed to the max trying to put together my schedule (even more than I already am). I hate school, part of me can't wait until it's all over but i'm not sure i'm ready for all the responsibilities yet.

Speaking of school I've got an project I really need to be working on right now. Kind of interesting so I really don't mind it, it's all about Spanish art which I love. I swear though my life is in constant motion it seems like. I did get some time to relax this weekend though, that was much needed. (Thanks Mom!) This is a boring update, but I live a boring life. I'll try to make my life more eventful. :) Here's some pictures from Halloween.
My best friends and I were cavewomen.

I should really be a hair stylist. HA!

My roommate Whitney's Boyfriend, His twin, Whit and I.

That's all I got for today. Enjoy the rainy

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Rhonda said...

I am glad that you are feeling better!!! It was nice to spend the weekend with you...come and relax here anytime!!! Love you...MOM