Thursday, December 4, 2008

drive my soul.

"You make the darkness disappear, I feel FOUND when you stand near. I know where I am when you are way becomes so clear."

Right now -- I feel like I am on the exact path intended for me, for the time being. So many blessings in my life have happened lately that makes me say this with confidence, I am truly feeling happiness. no doubt about it. =) =)

My life in a nutshell the past month: -I branded my body =) & I it! - Thanksgiving break was very relaxing and much needed. - I've been feeling really good on my runs lately. - I had a dream in Spanish last night! - I find myself smiling at awkward times (i.e. During my history lecture on WWII, my HPR lecture on violence.. bahaahaa.) My mind wanders and I just can't help but BE HAPPY. - Finals are next week unfortunately. -Soon I will be wandering the streets of MADRID. SEVILLA. GRANADA. VALENCIA. Y BARCELONA. Que suerte! My life is content. Finally. I'm one hundred percent content on being exactly where I am. Which is weird for me, I've lived my past 3 years running around trying to find something, I didn't even know what I wanted but I knew I would find it eventually. Now, i've found it. Pure, True, GREAT HAPPINESS.

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