Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sueño vs Realidad

Mi Sueño Interminable
My Endless Dream

It's easy to drift off to sleep
When i'm dreaming of a far away place.
Experiencing my own fantasy world
And escaping all of life's disgrace.

But lately I lay awake, thinking only of you
Which causes a sleepless dreamless night.
I'm amazed by my new found happiness
And how instantly together we felt so right.

So now you've made me start to question
Which is actually real.
Can this perfection and connection exist?
Or is what i'm living simply surreal?

Cuase i've found more happiness with you
Than in my "dreams" which are idealistic.
Is my reality actually a dream?
Can what i'm feeling be realistic?

This uncertainty can't be left to chance
It's a risk I just can't take.
I couldn't stand to be without you
So i'll fight to stay awake.

I'll hold your hand for hours
And fight the sting in my eyes.
I'll share with you my deepest thoughts
And remain sleepless through sunrise.

Cause when you've found something so special
Moments without it make your heart ache.
So each and every night, I'll fight to stay awake.
For you, i'll stay awake.

The first poem i've written in a long time.

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