Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Push through..

I run because it clears my head, it keeps me fit, and keeps me sane. It challenges me everyday, pushing me further & faster. It gives me energy. Makes me stronger. Keeps me motivated. Gives me "me time".
I love getting faster everyday, hearing my heart race and the shortness of breathe. I love racing against the clock, going out for long distance runs, and my collection of asics ;).
I love the friends I have made through the sport.

I loved running college cross country and I will be on the team next year. I loved the hard workouts, traveling to the meets on the weekends, spending 3 hours a day at practice, having no time for anything but school work and running, and sporting the sweet scsu jersey!

I love the butterflies before I race, the pain during the race, the amazing feeling when i'm finished, and the runners high.

I love the fact that I will never have 10 toe nails because they fall off because I run too much. I like the fact that I can run through the pain of blisters all over my feet. I can run through the pain of chaffing. I can keep running even though my legs feel like they are jello or are just completely numb. I'll keep going.:)

Who said running was a non contact sport??

I am a runner. I'm addicted. Try it.

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