Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the Gift."
Steve Prefontaine.

It's 9 o' clock pm. I have to read 3 poems, read 50 plus pages of history, print off job applications, write an essay about why I "love" young children & education (i'll be exaggerating that) and go for a night run with Amy. College is horrible. How many days until summer vacation?! So instead of getting right on all of this, I am writing in my blog. Procrastination at it's finest.

Yesterday I had an amazing run. I felt like I could do anything when I finished. I did a 3 mile tempo run with a 3 mile recovery. My legs were a little sore today so i'm only going to go out for a slow 4 miles tonight. No idea what i'll be doing for tomorrow. I have a crazy day tomorrow, 7:45 am class until 10:50, Library until 3:00, study for my huge Spanish test, celebrate my roommates birthday and then go to bible study. I'm already overwhelmed and I don't even have a job yet. Oh man.

Other news, Starting in October i'm going to be tutor for latino/hispanic kids learning English. I can't wait! :) This is volunteer but it'll look good on my resume. My life is about to get hectic. I'm also applying to work the YMCA, the pay is terrible but I want the free membership to the gym. HA!!!

Alright, I really need to get going. But first i'm going to share this poem I found in one of my notebooks, I probably wrote it around my junior year of high school, when I was all emotional hahaha. It's completely fiction.

"You've got the cure to a broken heart?"
Cried the lady dressed in red.
He looked at her and smiled
Then gave her brandy instead.

Graciously she took it
And drank each and every drop
But even after all the smokes and drinks
She still hasn't forgot.

'Cause pain lives on forever
And the highs always fade.
The blurriness comes clear again
To show the life you've made.

The desperation in her voice
And the empty bottles scattered.
Proves she can't go on alone
And that her heart is deeply shattered.

A pill or two can't help her
Or unhaze those pretty eyes.
Her love is lost inside her
From too many of his lies.

Deception is the greatest weapon
In hurting a fragile heart.
So ladies always guard yourself
Before you get ripped apart.

Because there is no quick remedy
To help you get back on your feet.
You'll just keep getting pushed down
and the ends will never meet.

This pain won't last forever
but the highs will always fade.
The blurriness will come clear again
To show the life you've made.


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