Monday, March 9, 2009

the art of losing myself in bringing You praise.

I'm sitting in the most adorable coffee shop right now, getting ready to sit here for a good five hours. I have lots of studying to do, but I figured before I got started I would blog a little bit.

Last night was Sunday Night Worshipand It was absolutely amazing. The music is so loud you can't even hear yourself singing, you can feel the presence of the Lord and it's just you and Him for two wonderful hours. Worshiping through singing is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love singing in church, singing in my room, car, on a run.. anywhere. Worship through music always makes me feel so close to the Lord. I'm learning though that Worship through singing is just ONE of the MANY ways we can praise God. One thing that I've been trying to change lately is incorporating God into every aspect of my life. I'm not just a believer but I am a *follower*. When I run, I'm worshiping through my legs. I'm giving thanks for this talent that the Lord has blessed me with and I run with his strength. Running is no longer my thing, it's OURS. It's my time to talk with God and every single time I feel overwhelmed with joy and almost every time I get tears in my eyes because His love is so absolutely AMAZING. He is my beautiful savior and it's my JOY to honor him in every single thing I do. I will praise him when I walk, run, dance, sing...:) :) I am so thankful, so unbelievably thankful. I pray that the Lord will keep working in my life, morphing me into what I'm supposed to be so I can fulfill the purpose that He has for my life. He is in control of my life and I will live my life for him.

Here is a playlist of my current favorite worship songs. Please listen to them! Just turn it on as you clean house or surf the internet.
"Everlasting Your light will shine when all else fades. Never ending Your glory goes beyond all fame"

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Banta143 said...

Once again your blogging has brought me to a place where I desire God more then ever! This post reminds me of how I "used to be" a place that somehow got lost in the midst of getting married, starting a family and basically becoming self absorbed.
I miss Him so much and I will get to that point again, and even beyond. He is like you said,"our beautiful saviour"!