Friday, March 6, 2009

such an indestructible team.

"I won't be impatient for the Lord to act! I will keep traveling steadily along his pathway and in due season He will honor me with very blessing" -Psalm 37:34

I've learned two valuable things this week. 1) I have very limited patience & 2) Satan tries in so many ways to lure me into the materialistic world but God is in charge and gives me strength through this "spiritual war". Last weekend was absolutely terrible for me, I felt completely defeated. In times when you are completely broken down you can so clearly hear Satan whispering lies into your ears. He wants to break us down and destroy our lives, but my hope is in Jesus. It's inevitable that Satan will tempt us but knowing I have Jesus at my side makes us an indestructible team. (I picked this picture >> for this post because this is the best illustration of me being of the verge of a break down. I had a broken umbrella, blisters on my feet and the bottoms of my pants were soaked. Miserable.)
Anyways, now onto patience. If I get anything out of this leg injury it is that it is teaching me patience. I want a quick fix, but that can't happen in this case. I need to slow down, stop running for a week or two and let this heal properly. The chiropractor has told me over and over that this injury can't be fixed in just a couple of adjustments, it will take time. Soon enough I'll be out running again, right in time for SPRING! Until then I will keep praying for healing, it's all I can do.

This weekend is going to be really busy. I'll be at home tonight, homework tomorrow, drive back to school, babysit, church, Sunday night worship. I actually really enjoy the drive. It gives me time to think, sing and pray. What better way to spend your Friday afternoon after a rough week of classes? haa..alright. Have a good weekend. :)

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