Monday, March 23, 2009

My God is mighty to save

1000 college students traveled to Panama City Beach with goals of sharing the gospel to thousands. This was the result:

People approached: 13,885
Conversations held with: 9,555
Share Gospel: 5,562
Received Christ: 674
Gospel Booklet Given: 3,621
People with whom Holy Spirit was shared: 1,031
People who prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit: 348
Holy Spirit booklet given: 1360

I'll start off my saying that God is awesome. He revealed so many things to me on this trip and I'm in awe of His love, beauty, and grace. He is my wonderful savior and my life is completely His.

I was scared out of my mind to share my faith with complete strangers. I'm awkward in normal conversations so having a conversation about Jesus with a stranger was terrifying. The first time was extremely awkward and weird, but by the end of the trip it was actually fun. I loved talking to people, finding out about their lives, sharing my testimony, and watching God work on their hearts. 674 people accepted Christ into their life on Panama City Beach... 674. How absolutely amazing is that!?! What's more amazing is God's love for us, it blows my mind. I saw God's love like I had never seen it before, I experienced compassion for every single person on the beach. I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to reach out to every single person and just tell them the beautiful plan that God has for their life and how amazing His love is, absolutely amazing.

It was awesome to see how many people trusted Christ this week and how much my personal relationship with God grew in one week. Jesus Christ, my wonderful, loving, beautiful, savior, is on the throne in my life. He is what I'm living for, the plan he has for my life is so much greater than anything I could dream up myself. He is my best friend, my counselor, my savior, my father and each day he fills the emptiness I had in my life for so long with His love. He is mighty to save; he saved me, 674 students on Panama City Beach last week, and if you haven't let him yet, He's anxiously waiting to save you. :)


Banta143 said...

Awesome!!! That is so awesome to hear! I was thinking about you while you were down here in lovely Florida! :) :) I'm so glad that you allowed God to use you like that. I would have been scared out of my mind at first too, but I've learned that u can't ever let fear run your life.

Thank you God for those 674!!

Elicia said...

Alyssa this is so amazing. God is so amazing. I love your blogs.

LOVE Elicia