Wednesday, October 15, 2008



School is stressful, i'm sick AGAIN, i've got a million things on my mind, & endless homework (which i'm lacking motivation to do)...the joys of being a college student. Good news is that I did a 7 mile run yesterday pain-free/no numbness.. Yay! Hopefully the recovery process keeps going in the right direction. I'm adding a half marathon to my racing schedule for the spring --May 3rd -E.C. Half Marathon! My spring is packed with races, hopefully I can find some for the remainder of fall, even though i'm not in the best shape right now due to injuries. I'm hoping to do 7-9 miles this afternoon with Amy but that all depends how I feel in a couple hours. I've got a sore throat, i'm super tired, and achy. Not good.
Not much else going on in my life. Spanish test Friday, lots of friends coming to visit this weekend, and a run club & CRU tomorrow. That's about all my plans, I need something exciting to happen in my life. & I need a Halloween costume! My friend Amy & I are going to Madison for Halloween to be with my other good friend Steph. I can't wait, it's always such a fun time when we get together. Steph is actually one of the visitors this weekend. :)!

Since I have nothing else to say. I'll post some pictures!

Amy & I

My Best Friends & I in MEXICO!

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