Thursday, October 2, 2008

I CAN RUN AGAIN! Woo Woo! I'm finally back to my old self. My back is feeling good and i'm ready to start putting on the miles! Yesterday I went for an easy 4 miles, I don't want to start off too quickly and risk getting an injury AGAIN. I felt great so i'm looking at doing 6 this afternoon. I have a crazy, hectic day today, it will go as follows: class, PPST testing (reading portion), 6 mile run, job interview, bible study, HOMEWORK. It is never ending but I love keeping busy.
Another thing I love is.. FALL!!! It is beautiful outside; I love the leaves crunching under my feet, seeing my breath, the crisp cool air, wearing my warm clothes :) and running in this weather is a dream. I missed out on fall last year because I was in ESPANA so i'm takin it all in!

My fall to do list: La lista de cosas por hacer
- Drink Pumpkin coffee as much as possible. (I made it this morning for the first time, Black coffee with some pumpkin spice Mmmm Mmm! & a packet of Splenda!)
- Hike up the Bluffs. The trees are beginning to change colors so the view is probably amazing right now!
- Go on as many long runs as possible/ run in Hixon more (Cross country trails, lots of pretty trees to look at!)
- Get some apples from an apple orchard! Yummy.
- Practicar mi gramantica de Espanol cinco veces cada semana.
- Go for walks and enjoy the beautiful days.
- Keep my apartment super clean. -I know you're proud Mother.
- Live for Jesus TODOS LOS DIAS!! (everyday)
- Go home during Harvest.
- Accept the fact that Winter is coming and soon I will be cold the majority of my day. (I am a WUSS when it comes to cold weather.)

Off to class now!!

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