Saturday, October 11, 2008

Live the live you love, LOVE. THE. LIFE. YOU. LIVE.

Buenas dias!

Nine hours of sleep = a very refreshed ME! :)
I had a terrible week so i'm excited that it's over & done, now i'm just looking ahead!


I'm injured once again. This injury is just extremely complicated and I can't figure it out. I'm going to by some new running shoes to see if that helps & I'm going to student health services first thing on Monday. What's nice about this injury is that I can still run on it, there is no pain involved; my leg is just NUMB. I'm aiming for 28 miles this week, I took 2 days off because of the numbness in my leg and I got a terrible cold. Hopefully next week i'll be back up to 40 miles. I'll keep my fingers crossed. After I finish writing this i'm going to hike up the bluffs (they are BEAUTIFUL, I'll take pictures!) & then i'm planning a 8 mile run. Unless my leg tells me otherwise....

Mi vidaaa

Besides my horrific week (3 papers, 2 exams, endless homework, tutoring, stress...etc), I did have some good things happen. McCain came to my town and my ONLY republican friend and I went to his rally. It was AWESOME! 4000 plus people were packed into this building to listen to him speak. There was protesters everywhere outside the people,people chanting U.S.A inside, signs everywhere, and security guards every which way. It was AWESOME!. -- Thursday night my friend and I went and saw Nights in Rodanthe, AMAZING! Highly recommend it, I was all out bawling. :)


Not a whole lot planned this weekend. Just relaxing enoying beautiful fall! I just finished up my pumpkin coffee (ohh! TIP: Add some pumpkin pie spice to your coffee grounds and then brew it, it's tasty!) Now i'm going to hike the bluffs, run, make pumpkin pie with the roommates, go to the football game.. then who knows. Tomorrow though it's HOMEWORK, HOMEWORK, HOMEWORK


My bestest friends & I at EC HOMECOMING!

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