Thursday, October 16, 2008


First, I'm posting this video to make this entry less depressing. This is hilarious!

Setbacks just keep coming and pushing me back down. If it's not my back, it's my leg, not my leg, it's my hip, now I have MONO. Can you believe it?! It sure explains my lack of energy, no-so-great grades this semester, and my constant need for sleep. I'm not taking this very well, as soon as the doctor came into the room and told me I burst into tears. First thing on my mind: running. But the good news is that even though I have had mono for a couple weeks my running as still been pretty good. Imagine what i'm going to do when i'm healthy! That is the only thing that is keeping me in an ok mood. Otherwise, i'm crushed. for the next few weeks (or months) I will be consuming my body weight in fluids, barely eating food because I have completely LOST my appetite, sleeping 10 hours a night, taking 6 pills a day (8 including asprin), and not running. Unfortunately. I'm reducing my credits so I can manage to try and get my grades up and i'm going to try extra hard for the remainder of the semester. Since i've been home i've been researching, researching, & researching I need to fight this virus FAST and i'll do anything to speed up my recovering process.

Here is what i've learned about mono thus far.
-It's nicknamed the kissing disease because it obtained through the swapping of spit. Not only am I not KISSING anyone but if the opportunity comes around within the next 3 months, I CAN'T. HAHAHAHA.. I'm just kidding, I don't care. but still!!!
-Cure to Mono: there isn't one.GREAT. It just has to run it's course and my body has to fight it. Drinking fluids and getting rest are the only things I can do. (The pills I'm taking are for different infections, I get into that later)
-Throat soreness is worse during the first 5-7 days and will subside over the next 7-10. I'm on day one.
-Fatigue continues for months after symptoms have ended. Avoid participation with contact sports, good thing running isn't a contact sport. Muhahaha!
-Particles of the virus can be present in my saliva for up to 18 months. (That's rare)
Now onto the medications i'm taking. Not only do I have Mono, but i'm full of infections caused by this sickness. My body has just given up. I'm on the steroid Prednisone because my tonsils are swollen and I can hardly swallow. I'm also taking Erythromycin.. and couldn't tell ya why. I didn't really ask question (1)because I could talk,swollen tonsils & (2) I will take whatever they give me as long as it speeds up this recovery.
Only good news about this whole ordeal, is that I don't have to take my Spanish mid-term tomorrow. Ha! Since i've been dead tired this entire week I havn't studied. Now I have some extra time. Gym class tomorrow shall be interesting, I'm going to ask if I can just sit out. At least i'm there right. Quick story: Last gym class we were playing golf INSIDE the GYM, not smart.. Anywhoo, and golf hit me right in the ankle. I dropped to the floor and held back the tears. It took about .2 seconds before it started swelling. Undoubtedly, I have the worst luck ever.
This weekend is going to be filled with rest, studying, and barely any movement. I want to get back to running ASAP. Shower time, I smell sick & I must refill my juice cup.

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Banta143 said...

I know this was posted a while back, but I'm so sorry you had to go thru the whole MONO thing! My heart goes out to u, b/c I know that stuff is no joke and makes u feel terrible!! :(
As far as the video u posted, LOL! I needed a good laugh, that was seriously funny!!