Monday, October 13, 2008


"This time we're not giving up, let's make it last forever. Screaming Hallelujah..Hallelujah."

How adorable is that picture above?! I snapped that while I was on my bike ride yesterday. It's one of my new favorites!


My leg is feeling surprisingly better, I learned from HERE that the numbness MUST BE coming from my lower back, since i'm still going through chiropractic treatment, maybe it's just not completely healed yet (??). Who knows, but I am investing in new running shoes, maybe that will help. If not, oh well.. I love new shoes. :) I'm planning on doing 30-35 miles this week. It'll just continue to gradually increase my mileage, i'm getting restless. I just want to be injury free, i've been battling injuries for far too long.
Today is another busy day. I've had three classes already, one more to go, tutoring my latino first graders, then celebrating my BFF's 21st birthday! Busy, Busy, BUSY.

PiCTURES: Scroll to see more.

Whitney and I.

The three roomies. Left to right: Me, Whiteny & Steph.

I love fall. This is my bike route, beautiful, isn't it?

Mississippi River.

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